Skyline Under Construction, 2004 – 2007

Each city possesses a unique image, a distinctive skyline that, to some extent, reflects the rhythm, lifestyle, and energy of its inhabitants. The construction of a skyline is a deliberate process, entailing a myriad of considerations—from identity and ego to sexuality and psychology.

In this context, I aimed to experiment with the image and ideal of a city. The skyline, an imagined and essential representation, encapsulates all the elements and essence that render it recognizable and unique, like an icon. New York and London served as my primary inspirations for this project.

A skyline is not merely a visual representation; it embodies a city. Every city offers numerous angles, perspectives, and skylines, which evolve with time and weather, mirroring the changes in both the city and its inhabitants.

Cities and skylines mutate akin to living organisms, encapsulating time. Holistically grasping cities like New York or London proves impossible; we only encounter fragments, each providing a unique experience.


Various formats
Letterpress on Paper


Image 1: Fluo Skyline.

Image 2: Rhythmic Skyline.

Image 3: Black Skyline.

Image 4: Colour Skyline.

Image 5: Barbican Skyline.