Kvadrat Showroom at London Design Festival, London 2010

At London Design Festival 2010, Kvadrat launched their textile collection Squaring of the Circle by Cristian Zuzunaga.

The collection takes its name from the expression ‘Squaring the circle’, which mean to do something seemingly impossible – like mass-produce one-off products. Yet with a ±5m repeat pattern on the cushions’ pixel print, and random cut and stitch of the cushion faces, each cushion is unique.

Inspired by cityscapes, a invigorated space was created to experience unique and unexpected visual landscapes that explore the relationship between digital and analogue. The trademark Zuzunaga pixel print is a direct extension of the company’s fascination with architecture, digital technology and how these designs become part of our home lives. The colourful character of the collection reflects Zuzunaga’s mission to provoke positive emotions and sensations by introducing colour to daily life.

Shown in London for the first time.