Kvadrat Curtain Collection I, London 2010

Acclaimed designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created a colourful curtain collection for Kvadrat, consisting of three designs: Skyline and Cityscape, which feature architectonic geometric shapes, and unicoloured Dawn.

Skyline and Cityscape are printed in different screen sizes and feature multiple overlapping layers, which reveal subtle shapes and unexpected colours. Intriguingly, though their colour-scales are made up of relatively few tones, they combine to create a variety of rich nuances.

Skyline and Cityscape are inspired by the recurrent shapes and forms, and new technologies, which characterise the architecture of global cities. To Cristian Zuzunaga ‘Supermodern architecture is an inspiration as it visualises the present we live in and, at the same time, aims to balance it.’

Like the cities they are inspired by – Barcelona, Shanghai and New York – Skyline and Cityscape share common features, such as their randomness and repetition, whilst having a distinctively individual character. For instance, some are very bright and energetic, whilst others offer a softer and gentler aesthetic.

Dawn is available in variety of unique colour nuances, which complement the other designs in the collection. These different shades have markedly different characters: some are sporty, some are dramatic, and some are neutral.

The Cristian Zuzunaga collection represents a reaction to the emotionally repressed society we live in. As the designer explains: ‘My work aims to counterbalance this situation by embracing and exalting imagination, subjectivity and interaction, which, in turn, helps to evoke sensations and feelings.’

Ultimately, the Cristian Zuzunaga curtain collection for Kvadrat is, intriguingly, contemporary and timeless. The designs link fashion with interiors and complement each other well. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including: private homes, public and commercial buildings, and hotels and restaurants.