Phoenix Mural, Hackney 2019

The basis of the mural is a self-initiated project from this last year called “The Making of the Cube.” Prints were transferred by digital grid onto a zinc plate for printing. I use a 1950 FAG letterpress printing press. I always print in black first and if the print is strong enough, then I move onto a color. I apply a single color per day.

I like to use vibrant colours and with the mural that means green and red plus a yellow-orange color which is “blocked” with the black. The black holds and also neutralizes, helps to focus and attract, like gravity does.

The intensity of the mural is meant to inspire, to bring color and form into our daily life. It resembles the façade of a block of flats, simple in shape but each “window” is different. In a way, it deals with identity and the fact that, while we all have the same essence, we are all totally different.

Each window represents a way of seeing, experiencing and showing. But, overall, all windows have a pattern that is holistic. Here, I try to convey the idea behind individuality (not individualism) and the compromise of city life living. We are all particles forming clusters. So it is the same idea behind most of my work where: a brick is to a building, an atom to a molecule, a pixel to an image and, in this mural, a window to the façade.

On a more personal level, the mural also represents my renewal, like the phoenix.


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Fly Off the Wall
By Rose Apodaca  |  September 17, 2019