Kvadrat Curtain Collection II, Denmark 2016

‘I have been researching fades and dissolving colours for a long time now. But I never fully explored them until I created this collection.’
Cristian Zuzunaga


Acclaimed designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created a vibrant curtain collection for Kvadrat, characterised by sophistication, exclusivity and colour richness. This consists of three innovative designs, which are all made of Trevira CS: Casa, Castillo and Lux.

The new designs explore balance and the relationship between elements, which can be considered opposites: Lux fuses hot and cold tones; Casa blends dark ‘masculine’ colours and bright ‘feminine’ hues; Castillo, combines large and small geometric shapes and, like Casa, mixes accent colours with more subdued tones.

Though the designs in the collection each have a distinctively individual look, they share some colours and other key characteristics. Notably, they are all made from shiny yarns, and feature a combination of hues that dissolve into each other to create an array of subtle but intense nuances. These, intriguingly, change depending on the light and the surroundings.

The curtains also contrast with each other in a number of ways, which serves to highlight the attributes they have in common. As a result, they complement each other particularly well. For instance, Casa features highlight tones that are accentuated when it is combined with Lux.

As the curtains are made from Trevira CS, they are long lasting and easy to maintain. Consequently, they are suitable for private homes and contract applications. Thanks to the elegance, individuality and practicality they offer, they are particularly well-suited to hospitality venues.


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