Kvadrat Casa Reflect Curtain Collection, 2024

Casa Reflect is a performance-enhanced iteration of Cristian Zuzunaga’s acclaimed curtain Casa. It integrates a front layer woven from Trevira CS with an ultra-thin layer of aluminium on its back side. The textile comes in five colourways, including four from the standard Casa collection, which combine bright specks of colour with understated, neutral base tones. Casa Reflect is dope-dyed, a process that does not require water and ensures excellent lightfastness.


Cristian Zuzunaga: “By introducing an aluminium layer on the reverse side, the Casa Reflect curtain not only offers superior heat and light control but also imparts a captivating metallic sheen and subtle vibrancy to the fabric, elevating it to a new level of sophistication.”


Metallised curtains

Metallised curtain textiles are high-performance window coverings providing extensive control over light, glare, privacy, and thermal comfort, whilst draping to elegant effect and creating uniform facades.​

To achieve their outstanding reflectance performance, an ultra-thin layer of aluminium is applied to one side of the curtain textile. The advanced technical backing effectively reflects sunlight to keep an interior cool in the summer, it works as an insulating layer in the winter to keep warmth in. This gives the potential to reduce heating and cooling costs, and CO2 emissions.​

Our metallised textiles are ideal for offices and commercial spaces, as they allow daylight to come through, whilst supporting daytime privacy. They are also fire-retardant.