Infinity Runner at Somerset House, London 2014

In the world’s largest showcase of wool, the renovated West Wing of Somerset Housewere transformed into a home made primarily from wool.  An exhibition to make us exalt in beauty of wool as a fibre for fabrics for interiors and fashion. A incredibly sustainable material, sheep not begin anywhere near the verge of extinction.

Curated by Arabella McNie, seven individual rooms: from bedroom to study, created by leading designers to show how the design community uses wool extensively in their work.

Three additional rooms were dedicated to fashion displays, celebrating the importance of the fibre in today’s fashion industry.

Among the designers, Cristian Zuzunaga together with Brintons showcased a 100 ft runner for the event. The inspiration from the design came from DNA and the double Helix and was produced by Brintons High Definition looms using 33 colours to create the final result.