Faberge Egg Hunt, London 2012

The Vessel: Urban Incubation of the Soul, 2012

My work is inspired by architecture and the urban landscape, Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, anthropology, sociology and psychology. At the heart of it lies a desire to understand who we are, both in relation to ourselves and our environment.

One of the areas that I have been exploring recently is psychosynthesis, which in very simple terms, can be explained as a process of personal growth. It’s a method by which understanding our dreams and our unconscious can help us assimilate different aspects of our personality – both conscious and unconscious – in order to realise our true potential. Incidentally, the diagram used to represent this idea takes the shape of an egg. The idea being that the true self will ‘hatch’ from the metaphorical egg at the end of the process.

My design for the Egg Hunt is based on the principles of psychosynthesis and uses its imagery. Traditionally, the egg diagram is represented through four colours, ranging from red and orange to green and blue through a variety of gradients. I have used these four colours here as well. These will painted on with graffiti paint, to reflect the urban nature of our environment. This will also be reflected through cracks in the egg in the shape of skylines. I believe that to understand who we are, we must understand our