Cristian Zuzunaga and Teixidors - Nomads Workshop

We would like to start the workshop by presenting ourselves: our values, beliefs and ethos and what brought us together to collaborate in the first place. We share the same values and passion for quality, we are forward thinking: we embrace the past from the present towards the future while placing the human being at the core of what we do.

The central figure of the workshop will be the loom and the act of weaving. We would like to use it as a tool to travel through time and in time.

Working as a team, we will construct a wooden loom* which will allow us to learn the basic principles and the process of weaving. We would like to use the loom as a narrative and as an excuse to travel through Europe's History and background.

The hand operated loom serves as the perfect link to travel through time. For centuries and up until the Industrial Revolution looms were hand operated, placing us humans at the core of production.

There is something magic about handmade products. One can feel the energy of the person behind them. Each piece or product is unique and that is what we want to reflect in this workshop: the uniqueness of human beings. We intend to offer a frame of work from where we should operate during the 6 days course but there will be no boundaries besides having to weave by using our own tools: our hands and what we find in the natural environment. We want to construct, avoiding manmade tools, only using the basic principle behind weaving: the grid which is naturally created when interlacing the warp and weft threads.

Together we would like to weave a project using materials found in the surrounding nature, inspired by nature weaves such as spider webs, bird nests, anthill, etc... This can become mini structures made out of flowers and grass; it can be a hand-woven hut, an immense carpet, a Mongolian tent.

We want to stretch the boundaries around weaving and its traditional associations. This is not just about material and technique, but also about what woven textiles can be used for, once you dare to pull out all the stops. A woven cloth is generally viewed as a two-dimensioanal surface...

We are interested in exploring new textures and three-dimensional structures to broaden both, the visual expression and the tactile quality of the material; material that would be interlaced in unique expressions, in harmonious rhythms or creative chaos.

Let us take the challenge to, together as a group, explore and be creative to reach unexpected results!

*Teixidors will bring a loom from their workshop

The fee for a one-week workshop is:
795 € for students under 32 (with a valid student ID)
1025 € for professionals

All prices include materials, full board and accomodation.
Please note that an advanced payment is necessary in order to secure your place.